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From a simple photo, Foodvisor can recognize food items on your plate, estimate their serving sizes and provide a detailed nutrition report in just seconds!
Take control and create a healthier lifestyle today!
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Adopt healthier habits
Whether you're looking to live healthier, lose weight, tone and sculpt your body or take on a new diet, Foodvisor's goal is to serve as your pocket-sized nutrition coach so that you can reach your goals. It will help you become more aware of your diet and it will help you to develop as well as fully adopt healthier habits.
Add your physical activities
With Foodvisor, you can track your physical activities and the corresponding calories burned. You can also sync your daily step count and physical activities from Health, a default IOS app, with Foodvisor. In doing so, Foodvisor will be able to calculate the overall calories consumed and calories burned automatically! You'll know whether or not you've met your goals with ease.
And achieve your goals
Foodvisor enables you to track your progress in achieving both your health and wellness goals. It also identifies your weaknesses by highlighting areas that need improvement. Our pocket nutrition coach will make achieving your goals effortless and fun!
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more chances to reach your goal by keeping a food diary
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With Foodvisor Premium, you'll receive personalized consultation from our dietitians to help you reach your goals faster and with efficiency.
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