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With Foodvisor Premium, you'll receive personalized consultation from our dietitians to help you reach your goals faster and with efficiency.
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Our RD Nutritionists are available by Chat.
You may reach out to our team of RD Nutritionists through the in-app chat feature. They'll answer your questions, provide advice and facilitate the successful completion of your goals.
Diet programs catered to your needs
Whether you're looking to get in shape by losing or gaining weight or just to start a new diet; Foodvisor Premium will help you find the perfect program for achieving your goals! You can rest assured that your objectives will be met when you utilize the consultations and personalized advice catered specifically to your diet and the information found in your profile.
Personalized assessment and advice
You'll receive a daily assessment of your caloric and nutrient intakes which will include advice, tips, and recommendations aimed at helping you fly closer to meeting your goals. This daily assessment will highlight your excess intake and deficiencies for each macronutrient so that you can learn to balance your diet for optimal results.
Recipes made for you
Be sure to glance at our delicious list of recipes that correspond to your diet plan. Choosing from this list will enable you to meet your daily needs, achieve your objectives, and boost your motivation to reach your goals. After you've completed a recipe, you can add it to your food diary for future use.
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Analysis of photographed meals
Image-based Meal Diary
Barcode Scanning
Track physical activity
Weight monitoring and health statistics
Create your own meal entry profile
Chat with our dietitians
Personalized and goal-oriented diet plans
Daily Nutritional Assessment
Personalized consultation and advice
Delicious Recipes
From $4.99/month